Business Coaching IrelandWhat is Coaching?

Our main focus is on Executive and Career Coaching

Coaching focuses on individual growth and is future orientated. It aims to support individuals to clarify their goals and aspirations, free them when they get stuck and support them to meet the challenges they will experience on the way.

What it is not?

It is not therapy or counselling, directing, advising or mentoring.

How is it done?

A coaching contract usually involves the client and the coach engaging in a number of very focused conversations either over the phone or in person. These conversations are confidential and can be about work, career, life issues etc. The anticipated outcome from each session is an agreed clear and positive action, goal or strategy.

Role of Coach?

The coach partners the client on their journey and is responsible for supporting them to focus on the agreed topic of conversation. The coach questions, encourages, challenges and supports clients to move forward to achieve agreed actions.

How can it improve your life?

Coaching is a very powerful and subtle tool which assists you to achieve your life and work goals. It offers you unconditional support through the good and the bad and keeps the focus on the ultimate goal at all times.

'My role is to support, provide perspective and balance and to encourage the identification and achievement of personal and/or organisational goals.'



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